Defamatory Statements

Defamatory Statements regarding Sinclair Harris

We are aware of blog material circulating on the internet regarding our principal, Jonathan Sinclair, and his solicitor who is advising Jonathan on one of his matters, David Middleburgh of Setfords Solicitors.

This material has been posted by a sham news site called

The allegations posted on that site are entirely false.  Jonathan Sinclair and David Middleburgh are taking urgent steps to have the material taken down on the grounds it is false and defamatory.  They are in contact with Google and other search engines to remove links to these defamatory pieces.

At a hearing in the High Court in February of 2022, Senior Master Fontaine gave a judgment in proceedings pertaining to the subject matter of these articles and described the relevant third parties which the blog pieces describe as victims as colluding in a fraud on the court and an abuse of process.

The blog pieces are in all respects wholly untrue and represent a false and baseless counter-narrative which is the antithesis of the true positon so far as pertains to Mr Sinclair and his solicitor David Middleburgh.

Mr Sinclair and Mr Middleburgh have been qualified professionals for decades and neither of them have ever had a single disciplinary incident throughout their careers.  They both have unblemished records which speak to their personal integrity and professionalism.

This matter has been reported to our firm’s regulator who have confirmed they accept Mr Sinclair’s position as outlined above.